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Posted by Walnut Creek Web Designer on May 22, 2020

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Walnut Creek Web Designer is a review portal specializing in website design services. With this resource, find professional web design services in Walnut Creek, California.

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  • Update existing website
  • Replace existing website
  • Play videos on website
  • Redesign existing website
  • Business writing services
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services
  • Publish audio to website
  • Grade website
  • Upgrade existing website
  • Design logo
  • Fix hacked website
  • Fix broken website
  • Design mobile website
  • Publish pictures to website
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Need Walnut Creek Web Designer in the San Francisco East Bay, California?

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Hiring a Walnut Creek web designer can be very beneficial for a company or individual. Whether the website is for personal use or for a business, having a professional looking website is essential in today’s fast paced world of social media.

You will know when you need a website designer in Walnut Creek if you believe designing a website yourself will take too much time, require too much of your budget or quite literally — trigger a migraine.

Consider the benefits of hiring a web designer in Walnut Creek CA versus trying to create a website yourself. The difficulty is most pronounced when you have little to no experience designing websites for Walnut Creek businesses.


First, hiring a Walnut Creek webs designer has many benefits. The first benefit is saving time. Most people simply do not have the time to learn how to build a website from the ground up. Although there are many valuable programs and tools available these days to design a website for your business, the learning curve is very high.

This steep learning curve comes into play when you want to design a professional-looking website with all of the latest features. Websites increasingly require multimedia plug-ins and social media connectivity in order to be useful. It might take you many weeks or even months to learn which website features will work best for your business.


Second, hiring a web designer in Walnut Creek can increase your daily website visitor count. You may already know that the Google search engine, for example, has very complicated Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rules that are constantly changing.

Some Walnut Creek web designer professionals keep up with the search engine rules and others do not. For Walnut Creek web designers that stay current with the latest innovations in SEO, they can design your website with relevant words and viral media that will expose your website to more Internet visitors.

But these professional and knowledgeable web designers are rare and hard to find. It is best to look for a web designer with close ties to an online marketing services firm like Covertise.

A laymen or entry level web designer in Walnut Creek who does not know the SEO rules could potentially create a website for your business that Google, Bing and Yahoo simply ignores.

Or even worse, the major search engines might identify your business website as spam and your business would therefore receive very few or no website visitors at all.


Third, hiring a Walnut Creek web designer to optimize your website’s look and feel can increase traffic to the website with repeat visitors. For example, a restaurant with an appealing website may induce customers to actually come back and order from their online menu, which generates residual income.

It is no surprise that professional web designers in Walnut Creek CA know which colors, videos, plugins, pictures and other webpage elements go well together so that website visitors enjoy the time they spend on your website.

A beginning Walnut Creek web designer who does not know how to craft a visually appealing website may actually hurt your business brand and leave a very bad taste in the customer’s mouth.

Something we have all seen is a company website which contains annoying music or non-optimized images that are too large to download in a reasonable amount of time. Most website visitors will not tolerate a slow loading website. Your web designer should be address slow loading websites and speed them up so that they load in less than a second. If your website loads slow, this not only affects the user experience, but also your search engine ranking criteria.

Search Google for the “Small Business Marketing Tips Book” and once one the blog, search for “slow website” for tips on slow websites are made lightning fast.


Fourth, hiring a Walnut Creek web designer can actually save your business money in the short run. Even better, hiring smart can make your business money in the long run.

By combining multimedia elements with well-written copy (the actual words that go on a website), a company can leverage the synergy between the two goals into a positive experience that may induce customers to buy more products and services from the company.

At the very least, a professional website raises the image of your company, which may set up future sales to your customers down the road.

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Smart Questions to Ask Your Web Designer in Walnut Creek

Your first question for your Walnut Creek web designer should be can they deliver?

Obviously the web designer in Walnut Creek must convince you that he is capable of completing your project.

As the client, you need to fully understand and document the specification describing your website project.

The more complete you make your website project outline, the easier it will be to ask the right questions. This will ensure that you are hiring the best web designer for your requirements.

To find a Walnut Creek web designer there are many “freelance” websites on the Internet that showcase web designers, their portfolios and their reputation. Usually these sites have ratings for each web designer which makes it relatively easy to choose the right web designer for the job.

However if you are sourcing a web designer Walnut Creek, then we can help you find a qualified web designer. Using contact telephone number on this page, makes it very easy for you to arrange a sit down with Walnut Creek web designer to discuss your web design project goals face-to-face.

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There are a few things you need to breakdown in your project outline to kick off a web design project.

Try to figure out how many pages of information you will have on your web design project. Outline each page with the text you will want. So you will have for example, an “About Us” section, “Contact Us”, “Projects”, “Portfolio”, etc.

In this document you can include the content, maybe photos that you have, your contact details, etc.

Once you have this specific outline, you can then begin focusing on the interactive components. Some websites are more complex then others, while most websites are usually just informational, brochure-like sites.

The best websites include some sort of interaction with your possible customers or clients.

You might need a back-end log-in section for your clients or customers. This will include more in-depth database SQL experience from the Walnut Creek web designer you are hiring.

Also, you might want to include chat capabilities on your website, along with a blog and a news section you may want to be able to edit yourself or with an in-house employee.

All of these extra interactive components need to be thoroughly outlined for the person you hire. Your Walnut Creek web designer needs to understand the project in its entirety, all without costly surprises. This better allows your web designer in Walnut Creek to quote your web design project with accuracy. With the positive side effect being fewer problems in the future.

It is all about communication and some up front work. With the right web designer, you will not have to specify your project. With the right Walnut Creek web designer, you will not have to lift a finger. This is why you hire a professional web designer.

Once you breakdown your project in its entirety, it is much easier to ask direct questions.

Questions for the Walnut Creek web designer include:

  • Are you available for website design project work?
  • What experience do you have with websites that include these components?
  • Do you have examples in your portfolio that are similar to what I want?
  • Do you have Search engine optimization (SEO) experience to make sure the website will be compatible with search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo? Do you have branding and design experience to make animations (if you need them)?

These are all good examples of questions you can ask the web designer in Walnut Creek once an outline for your project has been drafted.

You want to make sure that process is as easy and fluid as possible.

In most situations, the web designer you select will be helping you with Internet marketing for years down the road. This will include making website updates, fixing errors, redesign your business website, etc.

This is why it is important to select someone you trust and with who is reliable. Some more questions and considerations for Walnut Creek web designer professionals are as follows:

  • Before asking a Walnut Creek web designer any questions, research their website including their portfolio. Do they have certification on latest technologies used? You may want the most recent type of technology instead of some old methods. The designer must be abreast of newer. popular technology.
  • Observe their layout design. Do they have experience in a particular industry like eCommerce, shopping carts, flash design, graphics knowledge, cascading style sheets?
  • What technology, version of software they use? Skills in technology and putting them in good use in layout is important.
  • How many of their sites went online?
  • Will they charge you for buying software license?
  • What is their team size in case of an organization.
  • Ask for reviews from their other employers. References are important if this person actually finishes work on time, on budget with satisfaction.
  • Insist on progress payments where you do not have to pay for your web design in advance. Request some sort of prototype. Set milestones and pay them when you are satisfied with their work.
  • Get quotes from few other designers. Some may be available to work right now. Keep in mind though that good designers are always busy. Most importantly will they respond faster when you contact them. You do not want to end up with a web designer in Walnut Creek who will not respond to your email and phone calls. If you have to constantly leave them voice message instead of talking to them directly, it can prove to be time consuming. Communication is the key to conducting business.
  • Keep in mind however that web designers who are motivated and need less supervision are the best ones.
  • Since websites need more updates if you are dealing with some fast paced environment and certain services, timeliness is crucial.
  • Always quote low and negotiate according to worth, market value, return on investment on a feature. No point in adding features that may not reap benefits like excessive effort on screen graphic elements.

Website Designer – Hire a Professional Web Designer in Walnut Creek


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But all of the benefits do not come for free. However if you can think of your website as a profit center instead of a cost center, then you can overcome the arduous task of hiring a Walnut Creek web designer.

Determine your needs. Your needs may vary between simplicity like text and images. Or your needs may be more complex involving a necessary payment module.

Before hiring a website design in Walnut Creek, find out if you can make do with website or eCommerce services. But you really have to watch out for those business-in-a-box solutions, especially with eCommerce websites, because they might want to charge your business a certain percent of the transaction. If you do not want to share operating cost or profit percentages, you might want your own website.

Keeping it simple is always a good idea which can be achieved through a clutter free design. A usable website is more important than a graphic laden, eye-catching website. Too many web elements are distracting to the whole purpose of the your website which should be to trigger a revenue generating actions such as a sale, lead or even a phone call.

Your Walnut Creek web designer needs attention to detail such as focusing on keyboard shortcuts and proper image size for the fasted download time is crucial. An easy to use sitemap is also mandatory to improve the visitor experience. A let’s not forget the importance of a search button that fetches the correct pages is always an added plus.

It is important to avoid the fancy designs with no substance.

You must also consider website maintenance. Most Walnut Creek web design firms charge extra for monthly maintenance and support of your website. You must ask the web designer in Walnut Creek if these are part of the web design contract or it may be called the website maintenance agreement.

You will want to ask if the Walnut Creek web designer will host the website themselves or will they just give you the source code. If you are savvy in the ways of website hosting, content updates and website security, you may want to provide the web design professional services on your own after you have your web designer complete the basic design.

The benefits of hiring a Walnut Creek web designer are many. Your goal should be to have website that looks professional. Hiring a web designer in Walnut Creek with a business understanding is important. Website visitors might be frustrated if design looks good but there is no substance or the website features do not work. Nobody likes using a broken website.

How to Avoid the Pitfalls when Hiring the Walnut Creek Web Designer

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walnut creek web designer pitfalls

Walnut Creek Web Designer Pitfalls

Now that your business is up and running, you are ready to take the next step in expanding your customer base: creating a website.

But how do you go about finding a Walnut Creek web designer?

Begin by deciding on your specific business needs.

Does your business need a full time web designer for initial set up and subsequent maintenance? Then you may want to consider adding a web designer as a full time resource of the business.

Many web developers will work on a contract basis, signing on with a company for a short duration. If you decide you only need someone for the initial set-up, then consider contacting a web or product development company to do the work for you.

Tips for Hiring a Full-Time or Contract Web Designer in Walnut Creek

  1. Local and Online Ads. Begin by registering an online ad through multiple job search websites. Consider running ads in the local newspaper and radio shows.
  2. Make your needs clear. Ensure that your ad has a clear description of your needs and any programming or platform preferences. Decide if you will require a college degree or specific experience. Remember, less experience mean lower pay rates, so weigh the pros and cons for your business.
  3. Set-up interviews. This is the time to find out if you and the Walnut Creek web designer will agree artistically. Ask them to bring in a portfolio of 5-8 pieces and review their work. Ask the designer how they will make your vision a reality. This website will be an online representation of the soul of your company, so make sure the designer understands your needs.
  4. Make an offer. Once you have decided on a designer, write up a contract or offer for them. If you are hiring on a contract basis, make it clear to the employee that their position will be terminated at the end of the specified time period. If you are hiring on a full-time employee, discuss pay-rate, bonuses, and time off as you would a normal employee.

Tips for Hiring a Web Development Company in Walnut Creek

  1. Write a Request for Proposal. Begin by writing a request which can be sent out to multiple companies. This request will detail the website development project and ask for companies to contact you with work bids. Be sure to include:
    • Definition of the work to be completed.
    • The time period in which you would like the project completed.
    • Any programming or platform preferences.
    • Identify any information the vendor can give you to make your decision easier.
    • Determine how you will evaluate the end of the project.
    • Request a mock-up version of your website if possible.
  2. Research Companies. While well-known, national companies may put out a good product, they may charge more than you are willing to spend. Begin by searching for local companies on any internet search engine. Local companies will usually charge less and you will be supporting your local economy. Choose two or three of the most promising.
  3. Submit Request. Send your request in to the companies and make contact with their sales teams.
  4. Review the Vendor Bids. Once you receive the bids from the vendors, look through them for the following:
    • Is the company a good fit? Do they have the same business values?
    • Is the bid reasonable?
    • Is the product going to have good quality?
    • Will the product be done in a timely fashion?
    • Does the company have any guarantee on their work?
  5. Make a Choice. Choose the company that is the best fit for you. Be sure to let all the companies who did not win the bid know that you were grateful for their time, but that you decided to award the work to another company.
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Professional Web Designer in Walnut Creek, California

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Working with a web designer in Walnut Creek is the best way to take a website (and business) to the next level. But going offline and into the real world of face-to-face interaction and working relationships can be daunting. To start, make a decision about how much money can be allotted towards the website. This is your budget.

If you have a limited budget, then some may question the viability of your business. Being underfunded to the point where you can not spend money on marketing is the likely road to business failure. If you must proceed with the business, then perhaps a near-by colleges could be both an efficient and economical way to find a designer. Students of web and graphic design may take on your project for below market wages in order to have a work reference for their resume.

If you have a marketing budget that includes web design as part of your branding, a quick search of the Internet should provide ample websites and available (and experienced) web designers.

Price will vary by experience and area. Treat this interview no different than any other.

The very first question should apply to their rate of pay. Find out how much they charge per website as well as a detailed explanation of what their service will entail. Do not forget: you get what you pay for.

A website should be as well-researched as it is visually appealing. Find out who is expected to provide the content: the designer or you. Copywriting is a project expense and you are well advised to turn this all important task over to professionals.

Ask if you can see previous work. Find out if the website made a significant difference in that company’s revenue or advertising. Feel free to dig deep. Past success will reflect possible future success. This will also help you determine the Walnut Creek web designer style and ability.

The purpose of a Walnut Creek website is to present your brand to the local community in an easily accessible way. While you want your website to be professional and appealing, confirm that your business website is both usable and targeted for the appropriate audience.

Take the time to learn about market and competitive research as well as usability testing.

It is also important to know if your web designer in Walnut Creek will analyze any current traffic in order to assess what is working and what needs to be improved with respect to your Internet Marketing. Ask the Walnut Creek web designer to help you develop goals for the site. This will help determine early on if your ideas of success are aligned.

Most importantly, the Walnut Creek web designer should come prepared with a list of questions for you. Conversation and feedback is important in developing both a working relationship and a website.

The Walnut Creek web designer should inquire about your business, the competition and the target audience.

If your web designer is located in the San Francisco East Bay, they should ask to see any sample websites you have found. With the population density of the East Bay area, you should not have any trouble finding any reference websites from competing businesses.

Look also for examples of the specific functionality you might desire for your business website.

The questions you ask determine how invested and interested the Walnut Creek web designer is in your web design project.

Key search phrases should also be determined early on.

Finally, decide on the project duration. Is this a one-time start-up website or a continually updated web site? How many hours a week is expected for maintenance? Answers to all of these web design questions will help your Walnut Creek web designer form an idea of time and cost involved in delivering a success web designer project to your business.

Keep in mind also that if a Walnut Creek web designer is not interesting in you as a potential customer, their web design services are most likely not for you.

How do Walnut Creek web designer professionals price their services?

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When hiring a Walnut Creek web designer for the first time it can be quite a challenge. An individual may find themselves completely overwhelmed when trying to understand how they are being charged for the design of their custom web page. There are many options that the buyer should be aware of to help them decide on the right individual to design their website. As a rule of thumb the customer should always have a general idea of how they would like their web page to be designed and the complexities of which they will require, as well as the number of pages.

As with any kind of business, Walnut Creek web designer professionals find their target customer. So it is not true that one web designer is just as good as another, in fact web designers can be completely different as there are many different types of web designers in Walnut Creek specializing in various types of web page designs.

The primary basis for what the buyer will be charged for is what the particular client is asking for, how complex the design is going to be and how many added features their custom website will require. For example, if the client needs multiple pages, tabs and widgets, the client will more than likely pay more for their web design. Walnut Creek web designers will also take into account how demanding their clients are. If a client is demanding multiple features without conceptualizing the ideas from the beginning of the project it can make the overall price of the webpage rise. It is wise to ensure that the customer forms a well though out design and works out all of the details at the beginning of the project to avoid ballooning costs.

The skill level of the Walnut Creek web designer can also be a large factor in how much they will charge for a project. More advance web designers may come with a higher cost, however, it also provides reassurance in knowing that a quality product will be provided. As a customer it would also be important to find out if the Walnut Creek web designer charges by the project, by the hour or by the page.

When a Walnut Creek web designer charges by the project, the customer pays a flat rate for all work preformed and does not need to worry about ballooning costs, unless there are changes or additions made.

When being charged by the hour make sure to use caution, in a majority of cases the customer is not present at the time that the project is being completed so there is no way to ensure that you are being charged correctly.

Charging by the page can be beneficial because there is a set rate for each page that you would like developed. Know what you are paying for, how much you are going to pay and ensure a quality product is being produced by communicating with the Walnut Creek web designer.

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