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Running a business is often overwhelming and time-consuming, so offsetting some of the burden is well worth the cost. However, hiring the Walnut Creek website designer to lend a hand has never been easier or more affordable! Whether you are just launching your own business or you are well-established, hiring the website designer in Walnut Creek is highly recommended.

Walnut Creek web designers often offer a myriad of services, including business writing which is often referred to copywriting or ghost writing.

Imagine hiring a digital content author in Walnut Creek, California to design your website, populate your business website with content (copywriting services) and ghostwrite your how to book which you can publish to under your own name…

All of these business writing services in Walnut Creek would undoubtedly lighten your load and enable you to focus on other areas of the business that need your attention. Below, we have outlined the ins and outs of hiring a website designer, including how to select a designer as well as how to get the best work done for your business.

Walnut Creek web designers come at a variety of price points and with different levels of experience. The first thing to consider before you go in search of a designer is the size of your business and your immediate needs. If you own a small business in Walnut Creek looking to get established, it would help to look for a web designer in Walnut Creek who has experience working with newly-launched businesses.

On the other hand, if you are seeking services for a larger, established business in Walnut Creek, you would be wise to explore the web design portfolios of a number of established web design professionals in Walnut Creek who have published quality content for companies of a similar size and mission.

One of the most important things you can do during this screening process, however, is to consider the prospective Walnut Creek web designer and his own website, social media accounts and the way in which they write about their own services as this will give you a rough idea of what they consider to be appropriate.

Sometimes though, web designers do not focus on their own website, but instead have great examples of their client websites. Most times that is a better measure of the Walnut Creek web designer.

Communication is key, when working with the Walnut Creek website designer. After selecting a web designer based on the size of your organization and the goals you hope to achieve, clear concise communication of your expectations is key.

It helps to present the web designer in Walnut Creek with current writing samples of what you expect as far as tone and writing density. After all, it is through this writing that your clients will be won. You can use existing writing samples to illustrate the business writing level that you seek. It is also a good idea to have a few examples on hand of your competitors writing, in order to create a fuller picture of what you expect from the designer and of what you hope to achieve as an organization in order to effectively compete with other businesses.

In the event that your business is truly one-of-a-kind and there is no industry benchmark to which you aspire, you can examine the portfolio of prospective designers to look for instances where they generated content that is close to what you seek as well as up to your standards.

Keep in mind however that business writing is more goal oriented than writing the next best selling novel.

Business writing should be more purpose and event driven.

The bottom line goal of business writing is to trigger action by your website visitors and blog readers.

These prospective customers will trigger actions which self identify themselves as leads. Or you can take measures to actually convert these prospects into leads.

As you a business owner you are crazy to NOT want more leads. Leads are gold when prospective customers take action such as:

  • calling your business
  • sending an e-mail
  • completing a web form requesting more information

Typically, the Walnut Creek website designer will have a number of packages from which you can choose. Often, a package may focus on specific types of web pages, whether a welcome page, or special one-time offer pages. Similarly you may also have the option to choose from a number of web-page design packages, or social media management packages.

Many web designers in Walnut Creek will combine these elements into one web design and marketing package, but it is often possible to select specific writing services individually. This is especially recommended if you seek to finesse certain facets of your existing business, as opposed to a completely new or not-yet-launched Walnut Creek business.

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