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east bay marketingOur parent company is Covertise. Covertise provides marketing services to San Francisco East Bay businesses.

WalnutCreekDesigner is the domain under which we provide web design services.

If you are in the market for a business website for your new local business or for your established business which needs a web design update, then, as you may know, you have a various options available to you. Some Walnut Creek web designer options are less desirable than others.

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Option #1 – Web Designer Specializing in Your Industry

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Your may have been contacted by an out of town “specialist” who positions their company as a business who knows your industry. They explain that they know your business because they have completed scores of web design projects for businesses just like yours.

As good as this might sound at first, this is not a good idea.

At all.

Copying a website and then offering to your business can harm the reputation of your business and destroy your search engine viability. Some business owners make this rookie mistake and then have difficulty down the road. Once the out of town web designer completes the website, they often ignore the business owner, because they do not have any thing else to offer but a copied website.

Down the road, you will be no doubt, be shocked and dismayed when you come across three or four competing businesses in your community with a duplicate website!

This is not a good idea for your local business.

The problem with “industry players” is that they are typically out-of-the-area and out-of-touch with your local market. Your business is local and you should be working with other local businesses.

To confirm this as a problem before investing in your business website, question the foreign website designer how many websites have they completed for businesses in your town or locale.

Whether the have completed websites for businesses in your city or not, if you are going to go this route, be sure to ask for an exclusivity and/or non-compete agreement. You want the web designer to sign a non-complete agreement, refusing to deliver marketing or web design services to any of your local competitors.

Most times, the out of town web designer will not agree. As they will happily sign up your competition to the exact same business website as yours.

Have no fear though. You can protect your investment in marketing services. And, yes, a website is an investment with a quantifiable Return on Investment (ROI). But you must protect your investments from web design poachers and clones.

Call 925-309-5272 to receive a free marketing analysis…

Are you certain that an Out of Town Web Designers Really Knows Your Business?

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The company (your competition) on the other side of the city, may have a disgruntled customer.

Hey, it happens.

But what if you unknowingly purchase a clone of their website? Out of town web designers sell these “cookie cutter” or “template” websites.

And it is really too bad for the business owner.

Why you may ask?

Well answer this…

Is the disgruntled customer going to start searching the Internet for replacement company?

You bet!

How does it reflect on your business, when the hot prospect sees your website?

If you purchased a website clone from an out of town web designer, then the disgruntled customer will think that you “copied” the web design from the very business that they are trying to leave!!

A good bit of your new business this year will be from customers jumping ship from their existing service provider or product seller to start buying from your business.

Think about this…

If you are marketing your business, you are “stealing” customers from the competition. You may not see it that way, but from the perspective of the business losing customers to your business, you just stole away a customer.

Do not get hung up on that, as it is only business.

Survival of the fittest, right?

Anyway, when customers are disgruntled and ready to make a change ($$$), they will start researching alternative providers using online search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Search engines like Google/Yahoo/Bing will show most of the competing businesses in a list. Customers ready to make a change almost always take the time research a company’s web site before deciding to place a call.

Now this becomes a critical moment for your business…

When the prospective customer reviews your web site, what impression will they have?

For some short-sighted business owners, the hot prospect will find an exact duplicate web site as the business they want to leave!!


It is no wonder that some business owners say that they do not get much traction out of a website. If your website is not a custom website at least to your local market, then prospects will leave, and probably never come back.


You never get a chance to make your offer.

They think you are associated with the company they are trying to leave. Or worse yet, then think you have “copied” their website. What is ironic is that you may have been the first business with that version of the website before your competitors knock it off.

What was the cause? Is this the desired result for business owners? Probably not, but thankfully this scenario is preventable.

Most certainly.

Your business needs to stand out from the competition. Your business should not be mistakenly lumped together with the shady businesses in your community.

And a simple way to distinguish your business is through branding and marketing.

And it does not have to cost and arm and a leg.

A custom website can be affordable.

Affordable Custom Website in Walnut Creek

The out of the area web designers copy/paste web designs from other companies and then offer the clone for sale to your business.

In some cases, selling clones is their only business model.

They make money with a few copy and paste commands and the business owner is stuck with no more budget and an ineffective website. It is no wonder that business owners say that Internet Marketing “does not work”.

They are starting with a poor foundation.

Sad, really.

Most would agree that saving even $500 is not worth it when website cloning can actually damage your business and not be well received with prospective customers.

“Quick and easy” is great, but this approach is unacceptable. Short-sighted… and destructive to profitability.

So what is a savvy business owner to do?

Consider the second and better alternative…

Option #2 – Walnut Creek Web Designer that Knows the Local Market

walnut creek web designer

Call the Walnut Creek Web Designer at 925-309-5272. We will make your telephone ring for your Walnut Creek business.

Here’s a strong claim…

Before buying web design services in Walnut Creek, understand and agree that your web designer’s knowledge of the Walnut Creek locale is equally as important as web design skills and abilities.

As the Walnut Creek web designer, we assist Walnut Creek businesses by not only delivering custom web designers, but we also ensure that our Walnut Creek business owners attain a return on their investment (ROI).

For every dollar your business spends on publishing a website, your business should receive a dollar or more in return.

How the Walnut Creek Web Designer Makes Money for Your Business

We are in an exclusive access arrangement with Covertise which has create a local marketing machine.

When you partner with the Walnut Creek web designer, your business receives more than website design services.

Stated plainly, we make your telephone ring with new customers.

Our services are comprehensive:

  • Your business branded across the Internet, social media hubs and the Covertise network
  • New business leads from active communities of text, video and mobile users
  • Call analytics and other reporting for keen insights toward optimization
  • and more…

Most importantly, our Internet marketing services will not require you to lift a finger. We take care of it all.

Let us demonstrate how you can continue existing marketing programs with higher profit margins when only a few tweaks are ever really needed. The proposed solution does not revamp your marketing programs, but introduces a new twist to integrate and some have said “super charge” your marketing campaigns.

Contact us to learn the specifics of our amazing service.

Free telephone consultation (10 minutes is all that is needed).

Call 925-309-5272 — discuss your business goals with the Walnut Creek Web Designer…

For a limited time, WalnutCreekWebDesigner.com offers web design and marketing solutions to qualified businesses in Walnut Creek, California. Covertise is headquartered in the San Francisco East Bay. Local community with respect to small business is our passion and purpose. If quality marketing services and custom branding (web design) is your goal, then our goals are in alignment. Most business owners who contact Covertise already operate a website and have an Internet marketing budget. If you are a local business owner in the area, but do have not already invested in a web site for your company, we may be able to assist you. If you desire a return on your investment and insist that your marketing dollars are spent wisely, then you should call us. You opened your Walnut Creek business to serve the local community. An out of town web designer is likely not able to understand your business or your market. One last point we should mention is that we understand that not every business (even if local to Walnut Creek) is a good fit for our web design program where we deliver custom web designs at an affordable cost.

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